Classifications of Essays

Do you know something about classification essays? If you dont know anything about his aspect, then it is necessary to get some knowledge about this question. Classification essays are classifications which explain what types of essays you can meet during your studies at college or university.
In fact, there are several different classification essays, but some of them are more understandable and reasonable.

One of classifications divides essays in subjective essays and objective essays. Subjective essay are essays where author tells about himself, it opens personal sides of authors personality. As for objective essays, such type of essay is designed to help author to express his or her opinion or thought concerning definite theme.

Other classification includes such types of essays as descriptive say, narrative essay, cause and effect essay, comparison and contrast essay, academic essay, expressive essay, argumentative essay etc.
So, it is clearly seen that it is possible to write plenty of different essays and all of them will be different, thats why classification essays cant be very exact. It is possible that such diversity of essays can be explained in some way. We already know that essay can be written on any theme and we understand that every theme can be observed from different points of view or from different sides. So, it is possible to write descriptive essay or argumentative essay on the same theme. The main thing is be aware in the material which is connected with the theme of your essay and have personal opinions, views and thoughts concerning this theme. In such case you will be able to discuss any theme and if you are able to discuss, then you re able to write necessary type of essay.