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High quality content is something that they do very well within this company, and you will be very pleased with the results. Happily, they only give you 100% unique content with every project that is ordered. The work they produce is so original that it passes all of the online plagiarism tests you can find. Other writing services will cheat and give you work that they have rewritten, but this company has never done that. You may be pleased to learn that all of the writers are highly qualified and so know where to look to find the best resources and references; they do not get their information off of the Internet. Their records are secured and censored so that they can keep track of transactions for tax purposes, whilst also protecting your identity.


In terms of usability, you are going to find this website and this service one of the best. The website has to be applauded for its usability and the fact that they have added graphics and tools in order to make the website easier to use and a little more efficient. This service is free from hidden clauses and hidden conditions. We like to make people aware when there are hidden conditions, but this website, like a lot of the websites we review, has no hidden conditions. The website has been described by quite a few people as informative, which is true, as it lays out all the details you need in order to make an informed decision and an informed purchase.


They can run to a deadline of ten days, and their prices for longer deadlines are very good. You are going to have to pay less if you require a lower scoring or passable piece of written work. If you want to gauge the expenses for your project, then give the project quote tool, and index, a try, which is located on the website. Each student will have to pay less cash in the event that each student requests fewer pages. Do not be surprised if you are asked to pay more for higher level papers, as they have to employ writers of a higher caliber to do them.

Discounts and Freebies

Their discount system is a little hidden, but if you take the time and make enquiries, you will find the discounts you require. Use the college discount code if you would like a full 25% off of your first order. Getting a quarter of the price knocked off of your first order is very good, and is far better than most offer. If your project is going to come to between one and fifty one pages, then you will receive a five percent discount. Assuming that you decide to request 51-100 pages then you will gain a 10% discount. In order to qualify for the 15% discount, you are going to have to order 101+ pages.

Support for customers

The support system has been very well built by the company, making it very useful and effective. The support group has a telephone line that you can call throughout business hours in order to find your answers. They likewise have a live chatting capacity which permits you to converse with somebody on the web without picking up the phone. They have an online correspondence function through which you can receive an email message in response to your question or query. On the website, you will find a lot of information and data that is likely to answer any of the questions you are going to want to send to the website support team.

Additional Features

The company is very proud of the fact that it has a lot of writers. It means that they are able to take on a wide variety of essays and task and still come through with great results. The Skype function is rather good, as it is another way of getting in touch with a human instead of having to wait for written responses. The customer area is highly secure, which is reassuring for students who do not want people knowing they have used a writing service. Their first order discount is also one of the highest in the writing industry.